Personal Trainer Armadale



A 45-min low impact class which is great for those recovering from injuries, as well as beginners, seniors, pregnant ladies and anyone wanting to experience the wonderful benefits of Pilates:

  • Increased core strength
  • Improved posture, co-ordination & balance
  • Better muscle tone & flexibility
  • Stress relief & improved breathing
  • Many people report feeling ‘longer and taller’ after a Pilates class
  • Maximum of 4 participants per class so you’ll receive plenty of help with technique
  • Friendly, welcoming atmosphere

We use equipment such as the reformer, mats, resistance bands, stretch loops, magic circles, Pilates balls, large exercise balls, ankle / wrist weights and foam rollers. Private sessions are also available on request.

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My doctor just confirmed my bone density readings are stable from 2 years ago. So I am putting this down to Pilates, Group PT & diet. Had I not been working on this issue I’m sure the readings would have continued to go down. So I am a big fan of what I do at EverMotion. Thanks for your part in this. I love the boutique style of gym with only 1-4 clients per session. This allows lots of individual attention at every session. I am able to keep fit even with physical limitations such as arthritis. At EverMotion the companionship is great and I have got to know other people who live locally. We have fun while improving our fitness.