Personal Trainer Armadale

Live Online Personal Training, Group PT & Pilates

We now offer the option of doing Personal Training, Group PT or Pilates online, so you can train from home (or any location of your choice) but still get big health & fitness benefits. It is so important to look after our mental & physical health during this time, which helps to strengthen our immune system. Exercise is a fantastic way to do this. This is perfect for those who are in self-isolation / lock-down / want to minimise exposure to others during the coronavirus pandemic, or for those who are away travelling. We use ZOOM so that you can see & hear your trainer & vice versa, just like you would if you came into the studio. You can either use your phone, tablet / iPad or computer to access ZOOM. Please contact us.

I feel motivated to exercise, for the first time, because of the supportive and friendly trainers. They are professional & knowledgeable and tailor my program specifically to my needs.

**DISCLAIMER:** By participating in any sessions with EverMotion (including online, in the studio or at any other venue / location) you do so at your own risk, knowing that there is a possibility of developing an injury or medical condition with any form of exercise. You agree to take full responsibility for your own actions, follow the instructions of the personal trainer / instructor leading the sessions and do not overexert yourself. When exercising at home please make sure the area is free of furniture, children and pets, etc.